Olga Koch shares with us the top 10 things that make her laugh ahead of her new show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Olga Koch

Olga Koch


Skateboards are funny because you can put a dog on one and then put sunglasses on the dog and then put the dog on Instagram and pay for computer school.


Eggs are funny because when a chicken has her period, my ex is like “put it in my mouth!”, but when I have my period he’s like “put it in my mouth!”


Did you know that they’re just snails?! Wish you guys told me that before I ate a whole crate of them! Thanks for nothing! They’ll take forever to metabolize! (Get it, because they’re snails? Keep up!)

Memes about wine

I love memes that are all like “my doctor says I need glasses” and then it’s like a picture of 6 glasses of wine, and it’s funny because whoever made that is clearly suffering from addiction and I hope they get the help they need.


Yoghurt is funny because it’s a delicious totem of womanhood and it makes me giggle when manly boys are too afraid to eat it when they eat ass any day!

Subliminal messaging

I think it’s so funny that some people think that if you played a Beatles record backwards, you’d hear a hidden message. It’s funny what people can come up with sometimes - *secret messages hidden before our very eyes* - who would do such a thing?


Nothing makes me laugh as much as a really good death hoax. I faked my own death back in ‘13 and though I missed 5 of my niece’s birthday parties, I’m warmed by the thought that I really got those dumb motherfuckers this time.

Olga Koch

She has her moments. She has this whole bit about eating too much escargot, that kills usually.

Windows XP Startup Music

I laugh every time I hear the Windows XP Startup Music, because I think “damn, I’m old” and also “shit, I should really buy a new computer”.


It’s funny that the creators of that emoji intended for it to be a high five, but people interpreted it as praying hands. It makes sense though, because a high five means you have friends, but I don’t have any, so I’m praying for some.

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