Prom Kween is at Underbelly, Cowgate (Belly Dancer) August 3 - 27 so we caught up with Rebecca Humphries to find out what we can expect. 

Rebecca Humphries

Rebecca Humphries

Please tell us about your brand of comedy.

‘Prom Kween’ takes elements of satire, parody and clowning to the nth degree. As  person I’m a heady mix of ‘control freak’ and ‘daft cow’, and those are the kind of shows I like to see. Organised, meticulous chaos.

What can audiences expect from your new show?

Just that I suppose! Comedy, singing, ropey dancing (on my part) and heart. A beautiful story told via mean girls, rednecks and Ellen Degeneres.

Which comedians have been your biggest influence since you decided this was your path?

I love Tim Minchin’s melodies and lyrics, Bill Bailey’s anarchic musical storytelling. But non musically I think women like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph all have a brand of satire that can rip the shit out of something while still retaining warmth and like-ability.

What random things make you laugh in everyday life?

I really find animals totally hilarious. I can watch, say, a pigeon for ages and be like ‘WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?’. People falling over is obviously up there. I also have a habit of laughing when things aren’t supposed to be funny; bad news, when I’m being told off, that sort of thing.

Please tell us about your best and worst moment on stage so far?

That’s a difficult question. The best was probably when I won the musical comedy award. That was amazing and ridiculously unexpected. As for the worst, I used a projector in my Disney show and every single night I said a little prayer for it not to fuck up as I don’t trust technology. Well, one time I was right, and it packed in half way through a show at a Uni. I was horrified. I had to sort it out myself on stage and just got Jo (who was onstage with me) to take requests form the audience and do a Disney singalong. It would have been fun if it weren’t so stressful.

Do you still get nervous when you do a gig?

Every. Single. Time. But I’ve got 4 other people to share the stage with this time, so it’s not quite as harrowing as it has been.

Why is Edinburgh Fringe Festival such a great platform for comedians?

It’s essentially a month long PR stunt for yourself. And I’ve found that it’s one of the only places in this industry that hard work genuinely pays off.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Fringe?

I’m not sure I’ve even thought that far ahead. Oh obviously Lucy Pearman, who is in my show. She is always brilliant. Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho, as per. What I really really like about the fringe is the breakthrough stuff, that you never would have planned to see but is amazing. I can’t wait for that.

What is your advice to aspiring comedians?

Oh just do it. Work hard, take advice from people you respect, ignore the tips from people you don’t think are funny, decide who you like and why.

What is the oddest heckle you've ever received?

I’ve never been heckled as a comedian (I know, I think perhaps I looked too vulnerable onstage and it would be like kicking a puppy). But when I was 17 I played Aladdin in the panto at my local village hall and a man got kicked out for repeatedly yelling “I’ll rub your lamp love!’ literally every time I walked onstage.

What is next for you?

I am going to Greece to drink my body weight in Ouzo, by which point I will probably have forgotten how stressful this has been and try and write another m

Prom Kween is at Underbelly, Cowgate (Belly Dancer) August 3 - 27 (not 14) at 8.45pm