Susie Youssef's new show CHECK YOUSSEF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOUSSEF is on at the Soho Theatre from 19th-20th Sptepmber 2016. We caught up with her to talk about what it's like to be an Australian performer in the UK.

Susie Youssef

Susie Youssef

Please tell us about your new show at the Soho Theatre.

It's a hybrid show because I am half woman half mythical seahorse. Also it's a mixture of character, sketch, story and stand up about perseverance and/or delusion and the checklist that keeps me sane.

Who have been your biggest influences in comedy?

My grandmother has definitely informed my sense of humour although I'm pretty sure she doesn't approve of this. I was obsessed with Bette Mildler and Steve Martin growing up. Maria Bamford and Tina Fey are beyond brilliant. This year I saw Bridget Everett for the first time and she blew my socks off - my kingdom for an ounce of her talent.

You made your Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut this year so how was that experience?

The greatest and most terrifying rollercoaster I've ever been on. I loved it and I hope to go back next year...

You had sell out shows at the Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals so how did that feel?

Like a wonderful accident.

You are part of a sketch ensemble on ABC TV's How Not to Behave so what can people expect from this who've never seen it?

The sketch cast on How Not To Behave were absolutely brilliant and I loved working with them. This year I was part of the cast for the Australian version of Whose Line is it Anyway - both shows helped me hone sketch and improv skills that have shaped my show. I can't believe either show actually happened.

Your show is about the small checklist that makes all the difference so are you a compulsive list maker?

Not at all. I'm a list-avoider.

Has your big family provided a lot of inspiration for your comedy?

Absolutely. I would not have a show without them.

You have a medium sized anxiety problem, so what's the funniest thing it has made you do?

Anxiety isn't always a bad thing, especially with improv. In small doses it keeps me on my toes. Too much and I do insane things like Edinburgh Fringe.

What is next for you?

I'm writing a play with an amazing friend back home and have started working on a new solo show. But first, I want to realise my dream of being the first Australian to live and work in the UK.