It sounds like a real nightmare, a dream in which you see your teeth falling out. Sure, it is not the most attractive or pleasant thing that you will ever dream, but the truth is that's it quite a common dream to have. Because teeth tend not to fall out very often in real life it is one of those dreams that is quite obviously a metaphor, or where there is a deeper meaning - and we are here to tell you what that is.

Dreams - loosing Teeth

Dreams - loosing Teeth

Sudden change

For many a dream that involves you losing your teeth is symbolic of change. And important change at that. It could be change that involves loss, like the end of a relationship or a significant move or it could be something like a change in job or circumstance. Whatever it is, it usually represents a significant moment, something that will have lasting impact. It is not something short-term that is causing anxiety, rather it is a milestone change or landmark event, and often one that has been thrust on you as opposed to one where you have actively made a choice.

Mr Freud checks in

When it comes to dreams everyone knows that Sigmund Freud had a lot to say. According to him dreams about dental loss represent sexual repression. He interprets these dreams in a number of ways - it could be about anxiety around sexual interaction with a partner. Or it could be symbolic of powerlessness or impotence representing either castration or outright fear of the male genitalia.

When they fall out one at a time

How the teeth fall out can also be significant. If you dream that your teeth are falling out individually then this is about communication. It's the dream version of the adage 'loose lips sink ships'. In short if you have a dream like this you should look at your recent communications because the dream is connected to allowing something out of your mouth that you would prefer was put back. Did you say something without thinking first? Idle gossip? Words that should have stayed unsaid?

If they all fall out at once 

Dream expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says visions like this are about the size of the secret. If you leak a lot of information at once, then you may well dream that all your teeth have fallen out. Speaking to she said, "these dreams usually come to people who are talkers and who just talk way too much and don’t know when to stop."