It's a fairly common dream, one that everyone has probably had at some point, that, usually uncomfortable dream, that sees you naked in a room full of clothed people. It is such a common dream and an easily identifiable feeling that naked dream sequences have even featured in popular movies - like the famous opening scene of the 2000 cheerleading film Bring It On, where Kirsten Dunst's character Torrance Shipman finds herself naked in front of the rest of the school. So why do so many people have these dreams? What do they mean and what is the symbolism involved? 

It’s all about vulnerability and change   

Dream analyst Nicole Bowman was interviewed by Cosmopolitan on this very subject and her answer was most illuminating. In explaining what this type of dream means she said the primary interpretation was a feeling of vulnerability. "Nudity is connected to the fear of being vulnerable and embracing great change," she said.   

“Oftentimes, when we dream of being naked, that experience correlates to a huge transformation that is happening in our lives." 

How you see yourself is important  

For many these dreams are representations of how you think people are judging you but for others they can be indications of self-doubt. in short, for many these dreams occur in situations where imposter syndrome is at play. People who feel like they don't belong in a situation or a place and who fear being exposed experience these dreams. It could be that you don't feel qualified at work or perhaps you think you are dating somebody who is out of your league. These dreams are indications that your subconscious doubts your ability or credentials to make a situation work. 

Introspection solves this recurring theme  

And yes, if you are feeling insecure or you are doubting yourself then it is fair to expect these dreams to be recurring features of an average night's sleep. Indeed, nudity and the vulnerability that it symbolizes are sure to feature regularly until you are able to put these feelings of doubts to rest. In order to do this, take a moment to be a little introspective and ask yourself questions like:  

·       Is there an area of my life where I don't feel supported?  

·       Is there an element of myself that I'm not able to accept or appreciate? 

·       Is there something that I am trying to achieve but where my self-belief is not matched by my desire? 

If you are able to tackle these types of questions honestly you will almost certainly find that you return to a fully clothed version of you in your dream state.