Antiques are symbolic of delayed money, a long term investment. Perhaps you have recently invested some money in something that won’t give you anything back for some time but an act you believe is worthwhile all the same.

We found out what it means to dream about antiques

We found out what it means to dream about antiques

Antiques are also reminiscent of a time when items were crafted over longer periods of time, with more care and attention. You may yearn for this level of effort to be applied to something or by someone in your waking life. Perhaps you would prefer this, than relying on technical, impersonal means that are commonplace today.

It could mean that you find treasure where other people see none. You might see the good in people who- to others- are all bad or you may find uses for things that other people would discard. Either way, you see the world differently to most others in your waking life.

You might pride yourself in being unique and not following the conventions set by everyone else in your waking hours too.

Perhaps your morals, values and traditions have stood the test of time and haven’t been altered by peer pressure or conformity.

It’s possible you have been thinking more about the past lately- your childhood or another time in your history. You may have applied something from a previous time to now in order to help you through a current situation. Or indeed, you may have done the exact opposite if the first time didn’t go so well.

Another thought process is that your beliefs or ways of doing things are outdated. Perhaps you have recently leaned a new way to complete a task or someone or something has changed your mind about a subject you thought you had firm views on.

Antiques can also represent acquaintance with old friends or problems, however you do not have to let them effect your life in the way they did because you are older and wiser now.

If you received an antique from someone in your dream then you might be about to receive something of value from someone in your family.