Bread represents simplicity- so you may yearn for a simpler life if things have been unnecessarily complicated lately. Or even simpler thoughts if your mind has been overcrowded with lots of information and emotions of late.  



It could also be a sign that you are trying to survive something with just the basics. You have had to cut back but you are managing- just.

Bread can be symbolic of an honest living. You are a hard worker, you earn every penny you are paid and take great pride in being conscientious.

Stale bread can indicate that some area of your life has lost its freshness or pleasantness. It could be a relationship with a partner, a work colleague, a friend or family member. Perhaps you need to work had to stop this part of your life stagnating.

If you were eating fresh, warm and sweet smelling bread, you might encounter people who are down to earth and their positivity will spread to everyone who meets them- including you. You may have already met someone like this and they have changed your life or your outlook. Perhaps you are this person and people are drawn to you for the same reasons.

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If you were cutting bread in your dream, it’s possible you might experience difficulties while you are in the middle of a project or situation. Try to remember how far you have come if this does happen.

When you are sharing bread with others in a dream, then you might be in a good financial place right now. Consequently you are able to share your fortunes with others and it not have an impact on your monetary situation.

Dry bread can foretell a period of hardships, difficulties and suffering. The kind of life that people work very hard to avoid. If a bad patch comes your way- try to remember that you can always make more bread. In other words, this one, negative part of your life should not dictate everything in that happens in the future and your attitude towards what’s to come.

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