To dream about a burrito suggests that you are efficient in some area of your waking life- or that you need to be quicker in something else.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Consider what you have down to a fine art and what you struggle with- what can you do speed things up in the areas that need attention?

Another interpretation is that a burrito represents possibilities. You might finally be in a place where you have plentiful choices and it feels good.

With that said, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the choices you face- in which case it’s time to sit down and weigh up your options for each.

If you dream about eating a burrito- you are due a fresh start. Do you need a change in career? Location? A new relationship? Or perhaps you have made a big change lately and you are still adjusting to all the newness.

To eat lots of burritos in a dream could mean that you are wasting time or making excuses for not doing something. It might be appropriate to get on with whatever it is rather than avoiding it.

A spicy burrito is linked to your flexibility- this may be tested soon so be prepared.

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A large burrito symbolises your inflated ego or your high opinion of someone else. Is it justified?

One thought is that a burrito represents a pleasant experience- but also one that is rushed. The dream could be telling you to savour special moments in your life rather than racing through them.

On the flipside, perhaps you feel there is never enough time to enjoy life because you can’t fit everything in.

Along the same vein- you may have dreamed about burritos because you are due a rest. If you lead a fast-paced life, it might be time to take your foot off the gas and allow yourself some time to recuperate.

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