When you dream of cherries fallen from the tree, it can symbolize love, sweetness and happiness with a partner while spoiled cherries could mean the opposite- a disappointing romantic life.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Are you in a happy place with your lover? If so, the dream could be telling you not to take it for granted. If you are going through a difficult patch, you may need to invest in your relationship more heavily to see you through. 

If you dreamed that you were picking cherries, perhaps you are bored with your life and feel the need to choose a different path. Maybe you feel you’re in a position to make more of your own choices rather than going along with other people’s.

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If you were eating dried cherries in your dream, it’s possible that you have lost something recently or feel cheated out of something in your waking life. Try not to dwell on it too much and move on. 

Cherries are also thought to represent wealth, prosperity and success- so you may be due for a pay rise at work, have received a windfall lately or are generally in a comfortable financial position.

If you are a female and dreamed of picking cherries, it’s thought by some that this is linked to your virginity. Maybe you have recently been intimate with someone for the first time and it’s on your mind or you feel ready to embark on a physical relationship with your partner.

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