When you dream about cream, it’s generally because things are going smoothly in your waking life.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This is ideal right now but be mindful that it might not always be like this. Be grateful for the here and now.

If you see or eat cream in a dream it might be because you have an appreciation for the small and sweet things in life rather than always looking for big milestones and grand gestures.

It can also be symbolic of richness- so perhaps you feel your life is rich right now- rich in people, rich in experiences and rich in money and there’s very little you would change.

Perhaps you are envious of someone else who appears to have a rich life because this is something you also want.

If the cream was whipped, it could represent a situation in your waking life that appears to have no downsides. From the concept, right through to the result there have been no hitches.  Perhaps something is going well and you never expected it to.

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On the other hand, whipped cream can also be indicative of eagerness for something you have little knowledge about and feeling positive about the outcome is unrealistic. Maybe you need to direct your enthusiasm towards something you are confident in instead, that way, the outcome could be more achievable.

The dream could be telling you that you are indulging too much in your waking hours. You may need to cut down on the rich and fatty foods you are consuming and eat more healthfully before it takes its toll on your body. Perhaps it already has and your body is showing signs of suffering already.

Cream is generally something you indulge in on occasion- perhaps after some sort of success. It’s possible you feel you’re deserving of a treat for all the hard work you’ve put into a personal or professional project.

On the flipside, it could be that you are taking things to the extreme and asking for too much of something or someone. They or it might be enough but you want more and it may seem like you’re taking things for granted.

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