Dreaming about crepes can be linked to something that is pleasurable or sweet in your waking life right now.

Credit: Sergei Fadeichev/Tass/PA Images

Credit: Sergei Fadeichev/Tass/PA Images

If you are enjoying all areas of your waking hours lately, then it could be symbolic of the contentment you’re feeling and your subconscious pushing you to savour every moment.

Perhaps whatever is sweet in your life is becoming too sickly for you and it’s becoming more of a repellent than it is appealing. Alternatively, it’s possible you are having too much of a good thing and you may need to dial things back a bit before it affects your health, your relationships or your reputation.

Crepes can also represent a desire for everything to be perfect, balanced and level in life and you might be craving this at present if you’re experiencing some bumps and lumps either personally or professionally.

You might be at the start of something and you want it to be just right. You may have zero tolerance for anything going wrong if the thing you’ve started is very important to you or has a lot riding on its success.

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It could be subconscious reminding you that life does come with its ups and downs but overall it can still be enjoyable even with its little imperfections.

Another interpretation is that you are desperately trying to keep it together and look your best even if underneath things don’t reflect the image you are trying to convey to others.

Finally, perhaps your life is feeling a little flat right now and you yearn for some excitement or risk in order to lift it up and make it more interesting. Is there anything you can change or anyone you can spend some more time with that will help you to seek out new adventures and make new memories?

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If you were sprinkling flour on a surface, it’s possible you are trying to ease things along with a little help. Your assistance is advantageous but not essential. Perhaps you want to help make someone’s life a little easier with some small expressions of kindness. On the flipside, perhaps the dream is encouraging you to give up some snippets of your time to make someone’s day brighter....

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