To dream about the devil indicates your fears, limitations and the negative things you think about yourself. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Perhaps you’re feeling guilty for something you’ve done, and you need to find way to relieve yourself of this burden. 

On the other hand- a devil might be linked to intelligence, cunningness and deception. Do you know someone like this in your waking hours? If so, it might be wise to distance yourself from them as nothing good will come from being associated with this person. 

Perhaps others could describe you this way. If so, do you want to be associated with these traits? If not, what can you do to rid yourself of this reputation? 

If you fought off the devil in your dream, then you may defeat your enemies. This could represent people who are working against you or bullying you or your personal demons.

Along the same vein, perhaps you have a problem or habit that keeps you in what feels like a perpetual hell. What can you do to escape this feeling? Or rid yourself of the cause?

If the devil talked to you, it’s possible you will be lured into temptation. You will find something hard to resist even though you know that it’s not going to benefit you in any way. Perhaps now the dream has prepared you- it will be more obvious when it arrives. 

If you and the devil were friends- you may be someone who is easily manipulated and persuaded into doing things you don’t want to, or you know are bad for you. Trust your gut- if it feels wrong- you have the power to say ‘no’.

You might have been thinking about your own mortality lately and it’s filtered through into your dreams. 

To see the devil might represent something very wrong that is happening in your life right now that you need to stand up to. Perhaps your failing is not asking for help. 

Alternatively, due to your own feelings about yourself and your life, you enjoy seeing or making others unhappy. It might be time to address the root cause of this, so you can find joy in your own life rather than causing pain for others. 

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