If you were drinking water, this could represent spiritual refreshment- you may find fulfilment and peace by looking inwardly and to your past.

We find out what it means to dream about drinking

We find out what it means to dream about drinking

Maybe you have a spiritual or intellectual thirst. Perhaps you crave for more knowledge or want to embrace your spiritual side more. If this is the case what is stopping you?

The dream could simply mean that you’re thirsty and aren’t taking in enough fluids during you waking hours. It is acting as a reminder to you to stay hydrated.

Drinking a glass of water means you have good taste and habits and should keep them up.

Cold and refreshing water is synonymous with comfort and joy, so perhaps your life is full of both of these things right now. Or maybe it’s something you crave and are actively looking for.

Another thought is that drinking represents a situation where you are taking it all in- things seem to be happening all at once in your life or you are consumed by a particular experience.

If you were drinking a lot of fluids in your dreamscape, then you may be doing something too quickly or too excess. Doing something all at once might be detrimental to your health and wellbeing so it might be wise to slow the pace down.

Water could also be a sign of healing, renewal, regeneration, or restoration- you may need to recuperate from something that has drained you lately.

If what you were drinking was dirty or warm, this could be a warning to you that your health may be under threat.

If you were thirsty and couldn’t locate any water in your dream, this could be an indication of some bad times in the near future. You may struggle financially and things that you once thought were basic- might suddenly be hard to come by.

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