If you dream about an earthquake, you may be shaken up about something in your waking hours. Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the stability you did in your job or your home life so you have a fear of no structure or balance.

sebastien bonaime / Alamy Stock Photo

sebastien bonaime / Alamy Stock Photo

You may feel like your life is coming apart or breaking up and you are losing control over it as a result.

Earthquakes are also about change- it’s possible you are experiencing some shifts you are not ready for or don’t want- the results of which are catastrophic.

This dream should be an indication that something has collapsed- a relationship, a business deal, an arrangement- whatever it might be is no longer.

If the ground was shaking in your dreamscape then you might want to avoid getting too comfortable or confident in some area of your life as it may not last.

The dream could be telling you to appreciate your lot because you never know how long you will have it for. Life has a habit of presenting us with tragedies and unforeseen circumstances so the dream is acting as a reminder to take nothing for granted.

The dream could be warning to you to leave something or somewhere and move on. Perhaps you job is no longer safe, the home or neighbourhood you live in is vulnerable, the relationship you are in is detrimental to your happiness or the lifestyle you lead is dangerous. It’s possible you need to leave something behind in your waking life in order to protect yourself and those closet to you.

An earthquake could simply be the anticipation of a big event that is about to happen in your life. An event that will change your surroundings, change the people you see and how you feel about things.

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