Colourful flowers are symbolic of kindness and compassion in a dreamscape.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Flowers are generally given as gifts for celebrations, during illness and in sympathy. The dream could be a sign that you need to show a person some generosity or gentleness in your waking hours.

Flowers that are not yet at full bloom might represent your potential and hidden talents. Perhaps you need to explore these more if you are not reaching your goals or if you don’t feel satisfied with your achievements right now.

If the flowers were white, you may be feeling sad at present. Why is this? Can you call upon someone to help you through this difficult time?

Dead flowers are a negative sign that you will feel disappointment and endure challenging situations in the near future. It might indicate the end of a relationship, especially as flowers are also gestures of love.

It’s possible you have let your talents go to waste and you need to discover new ones as an opportunity has passed because of your laid-back attitude.

Flowers are also given for achievements, so perhaps you feel that you are due a reward for something in your waking hours.

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Alternately, do you want to feel admired? If you were given flowers in your dream, you may crave more admiration from those you love, those you work with or from a wider group of people.

Flowers that are blooming in poor soil is a reminder to you to remain cheerful and energetic even when times get hard as this attitude will see you through.

Picking flowers is generally linked to feelings of new love and a blossoming relationship. Is your romantic life suddenly looking healthy?

Flowers are synonymous with beauty so perhaps you are just starting to see how attractive or positive something or someone is. You have a new apperception for life as a result of a defining experience.

Keeping with the theme of beauty- the dream might be telling you that you are too fixated on your own appearance and you need to be less vain.

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