To dream about foam in the bath that’s overflowing onto the floor or foam that is bubbling over the sides of a cup, could mean that there is an area of your life that’s excessive. You have gone overboard with something and now you are struggling to take control of it because it’s unmanageable.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you dreamed about foam material, it’s possible that there’s an area of your life that adapts to your needs, however it returns to its original state once you have got what you need out of it.  

You might be someone who changes for others depending on their needs and situation but then you revert to your normal self once you have given them what’s required at the time.

Do you feel grateful that you are never really affected by things for too long? You have the ability to bounce back without there being any emotional damage done. You let go of things easily and never hold grudges. You are resilient, even in the worst of situations because you can adapt quickly to change.  

If you were wrapping yourself in foam, then you may be trying to cushion yourself from problems in your waking hours. Is it time to peel back the layers and face reality?

Foam on a beach could represent your need to rid yourself of impurities and have a spiritual or emotional cleansing.

Foam can also be symbolic of light-heartedness and pleasure- life could be easy and simple right now and you may or may not be taking this for granted.

Do you feel you lack substance right now in an area of your waking life? Maybe you don’t know something as in as much depth as you should. Perhaps you’re taking something seriously that you really ought to or you’re not approaching something with the level of maturity that’s expected of you.

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