If it was twilight in your dreamscape, it’s possible you are coming to the end of something in your waking hours. A relationship, a friendship, a project, a job- anything that potentially has a life cycle.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This could be a good thing for you- the end of old conditions, habits or situations that brought you negativity. Or you could deem it to be a bad thing- you are leaving behind something that you cherish- but the reality is, it’s simply the right time to let go.

With that said, whether you see it as a positive or a negative- it is a gradual trasition and something you don’t have to do quickly or immediately. You will have time to adjust. Whether you have engineered it that way or someone else has done for your sake- it is gentler on you all round.

On the flipside, it could represent the beginning of something as twilight is the start of night time. Are you embarking on a new adventure? Or do you feel you need to?

Perhaps you feel defeated if your hopes have been dashed lately. You might have adopted a dark and gloomy outlook as a result. Try to see the positives in the situations rather than focusing on the negatives or this attitude could take over all areas of your life.

Twilight could also mean that rest and relaxation is on the horizon after some intense activity. Perhaps you are about to take a break from work or go on holiday. Or maybe you have some well needed ‘me time’ scheduled in.

It’s possible you feel a lack of intellectual or spiritual light right now- perhaps the person you relied on to instruct you to push yourself (like a superior at work) is no longer doing so. Or maybe someone else is not imparting their knowledge on you anymore and you feel ignored and neglected. Is it time to seek out new things for yourself and to find the inner strength to give yourself the boost for self-improvement?

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