If you dream about having foster parents then you may receive help from a relative, a friend or even a stranger in the near future. Perhaps you are in need of some emotional support right now and someone has realised and is willing to offer you their assistance.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

It’s possible you are fostering some new ideas in your waking hours and are encouraging the development of a project or a person.

If you were the one who was fostering a child, then you may need to take on new responsibilities in your life or are ready for a new challenge.

Consider the traits of the child you were fostering (if you were) - perhaps these traits are indicative of ones you would like to adopt. Or on the other hand- they may be aspects of yourself that you don’t particularly like.

More literally, you may want to foster a child with your partner. If you have not been able to conceive, then you may be looking at other options to be a parent because you have a desire to nurture, love and care for another.

Alternately, dreaming about fostering a child could be symbolic of your need for change or to add something new into your life. You might just want to try something different and see if it changes your life for the better. Consider what is missing from your life and what might make you happy.

Again, if you were the one who was being fostered, then maybe you want to reconnect with your inner child and want to put aside your responsibilities for a while and enjoy being carefree and fun loving.

More negatively, you might feel out of place in some area of your waking life- at work or at home. It’s possible you need to give it time or you need to make a bigger effort to integrate yourself with the people in your personal or professional life.

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What are you missing in your waking hours that would make you happy? If you figure out what it is- perhaps you need to go for it to find the contentment you seek. Adoption could be linked to you taking on a new responsibility- you are willingly helping someone or something to grow. If you were being adopted in the dream then you may desire something from your childhood. This could be a feeling, a person, a way of life- whatever it might be- is there any way you can bring elements of this in your your adult life? Again, if you were the one who was being adopted, it’s possible you will receive help from strangers...

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