When you dream about granola, it’s generally because you like to ignore the things you don’t like and only do the things you do.

RossHelen editorial / Alamy Stock Photo

RossHelen editorial / Alamy Stock Photo

Consider the impact of this- you may need to face up to the things you don’t want to sooner rather than later before they get out of hand. Try to strike a balance as everyone needs to take the rough with the smooth.

Perhaps you put your own interests ahead of those around you and the dream is telling you to be more mindful of the people you care about and not just yourself.

If you dreamed about granola bars, perhaps you put your needs first because you feel you don’t have the opportunity. Do you need to make time before it affects your relationships?

The dream might be urging you to take better care of your diet if you have been eating what you want lately and not what is good for your body.

It’s possible you feel that your life lacks balance right now and the granola is symbolic of your need to get things on an even keel again.

Dreaming of any cereal, suggests a new beginning. Perhaps you are about to start a new project or enter a fresh stage of your life.

It could also mean that you need to restore some aspect of yourself.

More simply, perhaps you were thinking about breakfast as you went to bed and it filtered through into your dream.

Granola might be a sign that you need more energy. If you have found yourself lacking in energy lately then what can you do to address this? Do you need to cut back on something in your personal life, take some time off work or find an opportunity for some ‘me time’? If so- now might be the perfect opportunity to grab it with both hands.

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