When you dream about a groundhog, it’s generally because your subconscious is trying to tell you something you’ve been ignoring.

We find out what it means to dream about a groundhog

We find out what it means to dream about a groundhog

Perhaps you are refusing to deal with something and it’s stopping you from moving forward. It’s possible something still feels too raw to deal with yet, so you may just need more time.

What are you trying to suppress? What do you find difficult to admit? Perhaps you already know what it is you are trying to avoid- but you need to be honest with yourself before you can address them.

Groundhogs are also symbols of hard work- do you burrow in and keep going until you have finished with something? This might describe you and the dream is acting as a reminder to be continually tenacious. Or perhaps you need to learn this ethic from someone else if you tend to give up on things too easily.

Groundhogs hibernate during the winter so to see this creature coming out of hibernation might represent a rebirth. Perhaps you need to reinvent yourself by doing something new or being with someone new.  You might benefit from cleansing yourself of the things that no longer serve you well or that make you unhappy.

Groundhogs are intuitive creatures and know when to be out in the open and when to go underground. Do you need to walk away from something and take cover? Or, on the flip side, do you need to be brave and stand up to someone or something? Do you need to keep watch for an impending threat?

These animals are also symbols of family and community, so do you need to spend more time with your friends and family? Perhaps you need to take a bigger interest in them and show them your loyalty and generosity.

Another interpretation is that you already know the answer to a question you’ve been contemplating- just trust your gut instincts rather than doubting them.

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