Hair is thought to be an indicator of strength and empowerment- your knowledge and your thoughts.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If your whole body was covered in hair then you may be protected by someone or something in your waking hours. On the other hand, it could be that you are clinging onto something from the past and it may not be serving you now as it once did.

If you were at the hairdressers having your hair cut then you may have some negative attitudes that you need to rid yourself of. Perhaps you would benefit from a new outlook on life by relieving yourself of something you’ve been unnecessarily holding onto. It can also represent a fear of losing control.

If you were the one cutting your own hair, then you may need some sort of makeover in your own life. A new hobby, a new job, a new relationship, a new style- whatever it is- might be the best thing you ever change about yourself or your situation.

Wearing a wig in your dream could mean that there are people around you who are being fake. Perhaps you need to distance yourself from them if they aren’t being true to you.

Hair falling out in your dream might mean that you are going to suffer a loss of some kind and to prepare yourself for it.

Pay attention the the colour of the hair- if it was grey- this could signify great wisdom. Perhaps you are a fountain of knowledge and need to teach other people what you know. You are experienced and serious about something in your life- enough to bestow what you’ve learned on others. Or maybe you need to seek out someone who is an expert in a particular area and glean what you can from them to help you to move forward.

If there were bugs in your hair, then you may be frustrated or annoyed by someone else’s behaviour or actions. It’s possible you feel this way about yourself and want to cleanse yourself of the things you deem to be undesirable about your personality.

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It’s possible you have a habit that over time has become detrimental to your health. This habit may have benefitted you in one way but you have failed to realise the negative impact it’s also having. It is time to create a new habit that is better for your body or seek help to overcome the ones that’s causing you harm? The act of pulling something for your mouth- anything- could be about expressing your emotions and attitudes more clearly, if something has been preventing you from doing so. Perhaps you felt you couldn’t be yourself because someone was urging you not to, the situation didn’t seem appropriate at the time or maybe you have put up your own barriers and not been totally honest with yourself...

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