To dream about handwriting is suggestive of your own creativity and self-expression.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Consider what you or someone else was writing about as this might give you greater insight into what creative aspect of yourself you need to explore in more detail.

More negatively, the dream could be acting as a warning to you- ‘the writing or handwriting is on the wall’. In other words, you anticipate something unpleasant or unwelcome is about to happen or perhaps you should prepare yourself for such a fate.

If the handwriting was smooth and neat, then you may have some calm and pleasant times ahead- whereas rough and untidy handwriting might foretell some bumps in the road for you so don’t be surprised if you endure some difficulties in the near future.

If you were writing something in your dream, perhaps you need to go back to basics with something in your waking hours. Forget about over complicating things with technology and too many people- just return to the bare bones to get something done.

If someone had written you a letter or card in your dream- this person might think very highly of you. Do you need to show them greater appreciation than you are?

If you were the one who was writing the letter- try to remember who it was intended for as this might reveal a strong desire to get back in touch with a certain someone. Is it about time you did?

More simply- do you need to start writing again? Or write more than you are? If this is a neglected hobby, perhaps your subconscious is telling you to embrace it again if its something you’ve missed.

On the other hand- could writing be the solution to an ongoing problem with someone? If they are unwilling to meet you in person, perhaps sending them a handwritten letter might be the answer. It could give them time to reflect and consider your words and feelings rather than dismissing them in a face to face meeting.


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