When you dream about peeling an orange it could be that you are inconveniencing yourself or going out of your way to get something you really want. You might be putting in extra hours at work, proving yourself to someone- a romantic interest perhaps or investing a lot in a personal endeavour.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You know that work is inevitable if you want something enough and that to feel good you have to keep the momentum going.

Eating oranges could be your subconscious telling you to re-energise yourself. Perhaps your health has taken a turn for the worst lately and you need to put good things back into your body in order to heal. More simply, your body might be craving Vitamin C as this could be the vital nutrient you need to make you well again.

Oranges stimulate the senses when you peel and eat them so perhaps you feel the need to experience new things if you have become desensitised to the people, your routines and your surroundings in your normal life.

If the oranges were dried or candied, this could be an indication of something in your waking life that will last- a relationship, a job or a lifestyle.  You are comfortable in the knowledge that you aren’t going to lose whatever it is.

Ripe oranges are sweet, so maybe life is suitably sweet right now or perhaps you want more sweetness in your life.

The fruit could have a cheeky reference to something ‘juicy’- you might be about to hear some juicy gossip or engage in something scandalous or improper. Perhaps you already have and you’ve surprised yourself by doing something you normally wouldn’t.

If you were eating an orange that has dropped from the tree then you may be enjoying the benefits someone else’s hard work or are thinking about it.

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If you dreamt of rotten juice, this can be a sign that your life is going to take a turn for the worst and you need to prepare yourself for some troubles ahead. If you spill juice in a dreamscape, it's possible that your fruitful life is about to hit a rough patch and you need to put in some effort to clean up the mess and carry on or start over completely. Crying over it won't help- it's important to keep moving forward rather than dwelling in the past. Freshly squeezed juice might be a predictor that good things are about to come into your life and the bad things are about to leave- a cleansing of one for the other- if you will....

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