One interpretation when you dream about pastry is that you have the potential to fulfil an ambition of yours because you are constantly coming up with fresh ideas. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

These prove to others, particularly in a working environment, that you are valuable to your superiors and the company you work for. Your ideas may admittedly be unconventional or eccentric but at least you're thinking outside the box.

Pastry can also signify indulgence, pleasure and satisfaction- perhaps you are enjoying life to the fullest right now and the rewards it's bringing if you are in a comfortable financial, personal and professional position.

On the other hand, are you indulging a little too much in your waking hours? The dream could be a warning to you that you need to cut back on something before it's too late. More literally, your food intake and quality might be an issue if you haven't been fuelling your body with foods that are good for you. 

If you saw a pastry in your dream but didn't eat it, this may show that you are patient in your waking life and are willing to wait for things rather than jump in right away. It's possible you like to weigh out all your options before going ahead with something. You have excellent self control. 

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