Dreaming about pearls can have many different meanings. One is- they represent something that's precious to you in your waking life. Perhaps you are taking great care to protect this person or item or maybe you feel they/it needs more attention.

We find out what it means to dream about pearls

We find out what it means to dream about pearls

Pearls can also reflect something good coming from hard work- perhaps this is your work ethic or one you feel you need to adopt if your current way of working is not proving to be successful.

They are also thought to be indicative of inner knowledge from the depths of our subconscious. It's possible you need to dig a little deeper and explore your emotions in order to find why you are feeling a particular way or repeating certain behaviours. There may be some hidden gems within you that you are yet to discover.

You might be someone who is too guarded and you find it difficult to let people in. It may be time to open up to someone who is close to you and whom you trust. Are you protecting yourself from hurt or keeping a secret?

Are you someone who judges things and people too quickly? It might help you to give them a chance to open up too and you could find that they can offer you something wonderful. It may be time to stop being so ruthless with people or things that seem useless to you at first.

If you saw a string of pearls in your dream, you may feel the need to conform in your waking life or that every day is the same as the next- perhaps you crave change and more individuality.

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