If you saw or ate taffy in your dream it’s possible you are eating or drinking too many things that are bad for you during your waking hours. More specifically- sugary sweets might be the problem if they are your weakness.  

keepics / Alamy Stock Photo

keepics / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps you are following your desires too much rather than thinking about what is necessary for your body and it’s having a detrimental effect on your health. This might extend to other areas of your life too. Perhaps you are spending too much money, playing more than you are working or are jeopardising your relationships because you can’t resist anything or anyone anymore.

The dream could be functioning as a warning to take better care of your oral hygiene as your teeth could be suffering from the onslaught of sweet treats. It might also be reminding you of just how many sugary foods you are putting into your body if you are failing to keep track.

If you were eating taffy, perhaps you are enjoying the spoils of all your hard work- given how long the process of making taffy takes- you might finally be able to sit back and observe the results of your labour.

Taffy is a convenience food so perhaps you are relying too much on convenient things in your life. Do you need to learn how to put in the extra effort rather than letting other people do things for you? Are you making life too easy for yourself- if there is such a thing?

Taffy is also a sign you should mind your own business. You need to stop meddling in someone else’s affairs even if you are trying to help and you are doing it with the best of intentions as it could backfire on you.

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