To dream about a pretzel suggests that you are looking forward to life’s sweet rewards.

RossHelen editorial / Alamy Stock Photo

RossHelen editorial / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps you are waiting on some recognition for all your hard work or maybe you are already enjoying the fruits of your labour.

On the flipside, it’s possible you are waiting for a reward when you don't deserve one. Are you taking the credit for someone else’s efforts or do you expect too much from life when you put in very little?

Pretzels are a convenience food- so perhaps you are taking it easy right now because you don’t have to work hard at something. Your life is free of problems at present and it feels good that you don’t have to take action. Things are coming your way and you are simply letting them.

Another thought is that you are preoccupied with something complicated at present and you are unsure how to get around it. Something has you tied up in knots, and you are trying to untangle it.

If you were eating a pretzel, perhaps you need to adopt a healthier diet. Do you rely on fast and processed food? It might be time to go back to basics and phase out the easier options you are choosing to put into your body.

To eat a hard pretzel in a dream with no teeth indicates difficult times ahead. You may want or need something for your survival and it could become more difficult to attain.

It’s possible a pretzel in your dream is linked to your dedication to something or someone. Has this commitment waned lately? Perhaps you need to regain some of this back.

Or maybe your lack of dedication is causing you issues in your personal or professional life. Is this something you can change, or do you lack enthusiasm because it’s the wrong fit for you?

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