When you dream of raspberries, it’s possible that you are dealing with something delicate or precious in your waking life. If you’re not careful it could be ruined so you are respecting the fragility of the situation or indeed the person.

We find out what it means to dream about raspberries

We find out what it means to dream about raspberries

If you saw a raspberry bush and started picking from it- this denotes joyful events in your near future- simple pleasures and small blessings. You enjoy the little things in life and don’t need material possessions to get by- just fresh air and experiences in the outdoors with those you care about is enough for you.

If the raspberries were ripe- then you might have invested in something at the right time and it has paid off- you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. Or there is good fortune awaiting you and a bright future.

A raspberry bush could also indicate your entanglement in something and perhaps you are trying to find your way out- but to access the good, you have to battle your way through some negativity first.

Raspberries are thought to signify love and lust- so of you were giving raspberries to someone in your dream; it’s possible you are attracted to them. Similarly, if someone was giving you the raspberries- they have might have a crush on you. This fruit is representative of matters of the heart so it could be pointing to your love life.

If the berries weren't ripe when you picked them in your dream, you may need to give something more time, effort and patience in your waking life.

Another thought process is that you are ready to implement a small project or even several small projects. You might be surprised at how far small but steady changes will take you if you are patient and attentive to these projects.

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