To dream about sand suggests a change in perspective or a shift in your attitude.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

The dream could be urging you to look at things differently in order to move on. Or perhaps you already are, and you are starting to notice the effects.

As sand is always moving- the dream could reflect your feelings of unwanted change and the insecurity it brings. Perhaps you are moving at a faster pace than you would like. Someone might be causing disruption in your life- even when you are happy for things to stay as they are. Is this change ultimately good for you? If not, it might be time to talk to the person who is making it happen or try and accept that the change is a natural progression.

Think about the phrase ‘the sands of time’- perhaps you are wasting your time on something or someone that/who is not worthwhile. Or maybe you are letting time pass you by and you are not using it as wisely as you could. You could be missing out on opportunities because you aren’t taking any action.

If the sand was wet, you may be lacking a feeling of balance in your waking hours. How can you readdress this?

Another interpretation of sand is a general sense of nothingness. Do you feel that someone or something no longer matters to you as much as it once did?

It’s possible you are feeling worthless right now- you don’t care about others because of the emptiness you're experiecing. Has someone has hurt you to the point that you think relationships no longer have any value?

Alternatively, it could mean that you have reached rock bottom and although you are in a bad place- you know it’s not going to get any worse than it is now and that gives you hope.

You can now have a healthier and more confident attitude towards things because the only way is up. You can finally confront a problem that you have been avoiding because you have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

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