Dreaming about taking a selfie is linked to times when you were by yourself. Perhaps you are proud of getting through something alone, or maybe you fear being in that situation again.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

You may have been reminiscing about a situation that was all about you- a birthday, a promotion or a graduation for instance. Maybe you are looking to impress people in your waking hours with something you have pulled off on your own or enjoy being the centre of attention.

More negatively, selfies can indicate how vain you are in your waking hours. You think nothing but good things about yourself and don’t recognise when you are in the wrong or as having any faults. You may not be embarrassed about this when you are alone or in company, however you might want to consider how it’s affecting your relationships. Is it driving people away?

It’s possible you have a tendency to make everything about you and so you are ignorant to the feelings of those around you-even the people you care about deeply. Is it time to look more outwardly to those who need your friendship, your love, your attention or your listening ear rather than thinking of your needs first?

Are you are feeling out of touch with those around you and you need to make an effort to reconnect?

If you were taking a nude selfie in your dreamscape, then you may be letting your guard down in a situation that requires more vigilance. Be careful or you might just live to regret something if you enter into it too quickly.

On the other hand, a nude selfie could represent your new-found confidence as a result of recent compliment, your ability to do something you never thought you could or changes you’ve made in your life for the better.

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