Shoes could be symbolic of how you are moving forward in your relationships, your professional life or your life in general.

Credit:  SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA Images

Credit: SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA Images

If the shoes didn’t fit then you might not be being true to yourself right now. Your actions are not in tune with your beliefs.

Wearing shoes can also represent you being a well-grounded person or someone who’s down to earth- and not to lose sight of that.

If you were changing your shoes over to another pair, then perhaps you are entering a big transition in your waking life right now. This could be a change in relationship, a change in job or location.

Alternatively, it could represent your changed attitude towards something or a change in your understanding of someone.

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If you were wearing inappropriate shoes like shoes that didn’t match- it could mean that you are not suited to a situation or are unprepared for what’s being asked of you. Another interpretation is that you are rushing into something and being sloppy about it.

It might be that your life will be long and hard or that you are in going in the wrong direction. If they were pinching or didn’t fit properly, then you may doubt the road you have taken and you need to find another route that feels more comfortable and is ultimately easier to take.

It could be a version of you- you are not willing to conform to what’s expected of you at work or at home. Even more so if you were barefoot or deliberately left your shoes behind- this might be in reference to your carefree nature or your determination not to go with the flow.

New shoes could mean that you are taking a new life path that is unfamiliar to you.

If you found shoes in your dream- it’s possible you have found your way in life again and are back on the right track.

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