To dream about static, suggests you have a magnetic personality and people are drawn to you as a result.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Or you are a magnet for new experiences- you don’t need to try very hard- things just seem to happen because you are open and willing to try what you never have before.

Do you suspect someone is jealous of how simple you find making new friends and entering into new experiences?  

Perhaps you yearn to be more like someone in your life who appears to attract people with ease and do new things without fear or question.

More negatively, the dream might be symbolic of friction if you’ve had disagreements with people during your waking hours because you want to do things differently.

If you heard static in your dream, you may be lacking understanding and clarity in a waking situation. Someone isn’t communicating things clearly and simply enough for you.

Static down a telephone line could mean that you need to pay closer attention to what people tell you. On the other hand, perhaps you feel left out of something right now because you have missed a key piece of information.

If there was static on a TV screen, then you are reluctant to see the truth in a situation. Or, it’s possible someone is deliberately trying to deceive you- be wary of those you are unsure of.

The dream could be a pun for something that is ‘hair raising’ in your life right now. Perhaps you’ve had a recent fright and you are just getting over it. Or maybe you are in a constant state of alarm if your fear is due to something ongoing.

Static could also be linked to perceived setbacks and interruptions. Is someone trying to hold you back or is there a barrier that you are trying to overcome?  


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