Strawberries are thought to represent sensual desires and temptations. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

They are often associated with feminine qualities and female sexuality. Do you feel you need to be more feminine for your own benefit or the benefit of an existing or potential lover? Or have you been neglecting your sexual needs lately and need to refocus your energy into satisfying this side of your life?

It’s possible you are having regular sexual thoughts about someone you are attracted to in your waking life. However, if the strawberry was rotting, then you may have lost or be losing interest in that person if you have spent too long pining for them or realised they are not as desirable as you once believed them to be. Another thought is that you may no longer have any desire for something that once brought you pleasure. This could be a person or an activity, a habit or feeling.

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If you were eating strawberries with someone then you may have requited love with that person in your life. With that said, do you need to embrace temptations within this relationship more and explore your desires with one another to intensify the passion? Or are you simply ready for a sexual relationship with someone? Perhaps you want to be this close to a particular person and enjoy a more intimate relationship with someone.

If someone was squeezing a strawberry between their lips, this could be as result of someone who’s trying to temp or taunt you in your waking hours. Will you give in or stay strong and resist?

Strawberries are generally something you eat because they taste and make you feel healthy; it’s a pleasant experience. Perhaps you need to make way for more things that make you feel good if you think like your life has been dominated by things you resent doing or feel obliged to.

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Consider whether the smell was pleasing or repulsive- as this will give greater clarity to the dream. If it was bad, perhaps you have an inkling that something is about to go wrong or will if you get involved. You sense that a situation will end negatively. On the other hand, if the smell was pleasant, perhaps you feel that something good will come from a future move or action. The dream could be telling you to be careful, as something that seems appealing now, might turn out to be the exact opposite, perhaps you are being lured into something that is not quite as it seems... to read more click HERE 

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