When you dream about a submarine- you might be slowly and steadily exploring your emotions and your subconscious feelings. You are discovering your inner self- your spirituality and aspects of your personality you’ve never examined before.

F.Bettex - Mysterra.org / Alamy Stock Photo

F.Bettex - Mysterra.org / Alamy Stock Photo

You may feel safe or protected while doing this because of the support you have from other people- family, friends or professionals. Or simply because you feel you are ready to deal with whatever you find now, when before, you weren’t prepared.

A submarine could be an indication that you need to reach the core or route of a situation or problem in order to fix it. If you have been skirting around the true issue, this could explain why it’s not been resolved.

Another interpretation is that you need to look at something from a new perspective, or take another route so you can understand it better.

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You might be reluctant to express your emotions to other people and are guarded about who you tell how you’re really feeling to.

You may prefer to keep a low profile and stay undercover in your waking life- but ask yourself- is this bringing you true happiness? Or is it time to come out and experience more of the world?

Another thought is that you are resilient in times of uncertainly or negativity- you are able to navigate through difficult episodes in your waking hours because you are strong- perhaps stronger than you think.  

It’s possible you have something you’ve been hiding- an indiscretion in your past that you want to keep buried deep within the depths of your memory. You may not want it to resurface, however it might be affecting you to such an extent that you need to bring it up and address it once and for all in order to move on.

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It’s possible you are battling with someone during your waking hours over differing viewpoints or you may have had a recent argument with someone. If your life is currently in chaos or disorder- this could be why you dreamed about war. What can you do to get it back on track? War is synonymous with aggression so is someone being aggressive or abuse towards you? Do you need to be more assertive? Consider the common phrase ‘all is fair in love and war’- this might refer to a situation in your waking hours. The dream could mean there are no bounds so perhaps you need to let go of the ones you have set for yourself. Another popular phrase if a ‘war of words'- so you may need to have a long discussion with someone to arrive at a truce...

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