Summer is generally a fun filled and happy time of the year so perhaps you are feeling this way right now or maybe you wish you were and are waiting for a moment when you can enjoy these things.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

It can be symbolic of good times with friends and family- could the dream be telling you to put in some time with them?

It is also an opportunity for rest and relaxation so your dreamscape could be telling you to take things easy and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work you’ve put in during the rest of the year.

Summer is a representation of positive energy and personal growth so perhaps you need to get on with the next phase of your life or at least prepare for it.

Summer holidays are often about meeting new people so you may need to be more sociable in your waking life to enable you to achieve more with your time.

Summer is thought to encourage creativity so maybe you need to open yourself up to new opportunities, try new things and get those creative juices flowing. Keep your hope alive so you can grow, gain knowledge and tolerance.  

This is the time of year when things begin to mature, so this could refer to your dreams. The things are you involved in could be starting to bring about some satisfication for you because you are seeing the benefits of the seeds you planted. If not, then you may just need to be patient for a little longer.

Consider also the people you spend your time with- have you been through a rough patch lately? Perhaps the effort you’ve put in to nurturing a relationship has paid off and now you are getting along much better.  

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