If you were wearing sunglasses in your dream, it’s possible your perception of an issue or situation is a poor one.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

On the other hand, the dream could be telling you that you are a pessimist and tend to look to the bad before the good in life.

Another thought is that you don’t want to be seen- what or who are you hiding from? If you can pinpoint this then you might be able to work through it and find the strength to show the world the real you.

It could also be that you don’t want to see something to the full extent- you are happy to keep some of it hidden. This might help you in the short term, but you may need to face all the facts eventually. Is it better to do this sooner rather than later?

If someone else was wearing sunglasses in your dream it’s possible you are struggling in getting to know them. They are hard to read and guarded- like they don’t trust you enough to let you in. Perhaps this relationship needs time or maybe you are just not used to people like this. It might take some getting used to on your part.

On the other hand- maybe they are keeping you at a distance for a reason.

Sunglasses are thought to indicate a laid-back or relaxed attitude towards something in your waking hours. Perhaps you are keeping your cool about something because nothing has given you cause to worry.

It’s possible you have a causal attitude towards something difficult or dangerous and the dream is telling you to sit up and pay attention. You need to take things more seriously.

Is your unconcerned attitude having an effect on those nearest and dearest?

Perhaps you have adopted this outlook as a means of tackling the problems in your life. Do you struggle dealing with stress and stressful people? If your fall-back position is to run away- it might be time to confront an issue or a person you would normally distance yourself from.

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