When you dream about the Titanic it’s possible you need to explore your subconscious more if conflicts within it are causing you problems in your present life.

We find out what it means to dream about the Titanic

We find out what it means to dream about the Titanic

You may be going against what you believe in or agree with. You are being pressured to ignore your instincts but don’t see another option.

You might have very high expectations for something in your waking hours but you will be let down by someone or something in the near future. You have been looking forward to whatever it is for a long time and invested a lot in it. When it doesn’t come to fruition you will feel a great sense of disappointment.

It’s possible you are feeling weak right now and are craving the strength to get through a particular situation- but you feel powerless to stop it. Is there anyone else who can help you to gain some control again?

Another interpretation, when you consider the meaning of the name Titanic, is that something massive is happening in your waking hours that you can’t get your head around. It’s so enormous that you can’t see a way to tackle it. It might be wise to break down whatever it is into manageable chunks before you can make any progress with it.

Dreaming about a sinking ship, could mean that something in your waking life is ‘going under’- your job, your relationship, your reputation or your health. It might be time to address it before it disappears completely and you can’t do anything about it.

Titanic can also be symbolic of something that is irreversible. A mistake, an action or a conversation that you can’t take back. If you can’t do anything about it now- then you may have to pick up the pieces and do the best you can with what’s left.

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