Dreaming about a turtle could suggest you are shielding yourself from something in your waking life.

Perhaps you don’t feel safe right now and you are in hiding until you think it’s ok to come back out again. More negatively, this might be proving to those closest to you that you are only interested in taking care of yourself and not them when there is a threat.

Turtle swimming - Alamy

Turtle swimming - Alamy

You might have a tough exterior and you have a trouble letting people in.

Are you are withdrawn and need to come out of your shell? Would you benefit from living in the present and by being more involved in activities and get togethers?

The dream could also imply that things are happening- however slowly in your life right now. Perhaps you are getting frustrated by the pace, but you are heading in the right direction. On the other hand, do you need to slow down and be more patient?

If you are a woman dreaming about a turtle, this could be due to being pregnant or wanting a child as there is something living within the shell and this represents carrying a baby.

Turtles are also symbols of wisdom, longevity and loyalty. It's possible you crave these traits in someone or maybe the turtle is a reflection of how people see you. They are characteristics to be celebrated either way, so embrace them in yourself and others. 

Turtles can show up in the dreams of sick people so if you are feeling ill or suspect that you are going to be- you may have a desire to isolate yourself from others to prevent them from getting sick too.

A snapping turtle implies that you are irritable towards people too much which might be pushing those away who mean a lot to you. Think before you speak and your nearest and dearest will naturally gravitate back towards you. 

If you saw yourself as the turtle then perhaps you don’t want any interference from others and don’t want people to get in your way. You wish to do your own thing and resent anyone who tries to stop you, in which case, spending time alone might be your medicine and there's nothing wrong with that. 

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