Dreaming about the weather is generally about your emotional state of mind. Depending on what is going on in your waking life- this dream can be like a barometer for the positives and negatives that are happening in your world.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the weather was good- then you may be living in favourable conditions right now and you’re grateful that you are.

If the weather was bad (stormy or windy) there may be some conflict, aggression or upset in your waking hours.

If it was raining in your dreamscape- this could signify depression, sadness or disappointment affecting you or someone close to you.

If was sunny or you saw a rainbow, then you might be in a very positive and optimistic place at present. Life feels easy right now and you have some sense of normality in your job, your relationships and your emotions. You feel safe and comfortable with where you are.

With that said, if the weather was too hot- you may be feeling exhausted or that something is too much for you because there is an element of danger attached.

Cold weather is synonymous with an unbearable situation- perhaps you feel you have been ‘left out in the cold’ by someone or someone is giving you the ‘cold shoulder’.

If you were reading a weather report or watching the weather on TV, this might refer to the preparation you put into everything in your life before making a choice. It’s possible you feel the time and the conditions are right to do something and you are willing to take that chance. Alternatively, you need to make a decision based on your gut instinct because you can never be 100% certain about anything in life.

Weather is ever changing so the dream could be about the passage of time. Perhaps you feel that you’ve missed out on something if you’ve been reflecting on your life lately. Or maybe you have been reminiscing about all the things you have done with nostalgia and the people who experienced them with you.

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If you have been bottling things up lately, it's possible that you need to let your true emotions out and have a good cry. Perhaps you need to let go of whatever it is that you are keeping inside- you might feel better if you are more honest about your emotional state. If you were closing all of the windows to sheild yourself from the rain in your dream- it's possible you're are afraid to tell people how you're feeling and trying to keep it at bay or shut them out. Or maybe someone else wants to open up to you and you feel you can't cope with that level of emotion so you're keeping your distance. Another interpretation is that you see a difficult time ahead that you're not quite ready for yet and envisage negativity in your future...

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