When you dream about a Wednesday, it's often because you feel conflicted over a decision about something or someone.

Dmitry Berkut / Alamy Stock Photo

Dmitry Berkut / Alamy Stock Photo

You might feel stuck in the middle of someone else's issue or drama and are looking for a way out.

You may even be feeling hopeless or miserable as a result because it seems too hard to reach a resolution- especially when it’s not your problem in the first place.

Wednesdays are often called 'hump day' so it could be a sign that you are at the halfway point of something in your waking life and after this point, things should get easier.

Alternatively, you may know in your heart of hearts that it’s not going to get easier but the relief is in the fact that you are mid-way through.

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Or perhaps you need someone or something to help you to get over that hump if you are struggling to reach the top and need some outside encouragement.

You may feel stuck in the middle of a project and you are too far into to it to quit- but too far off the end to see that you’ve made any progress.

Wednesdays are also referred to as ‘protuberance day’ so it’s possible that the reason you are stuck at this point is because you are bulging or bursting at the seams with ideas, support and resource. You are so overwhelmed with how much you have- you don’t really know what to do with it all, what to tackle first and at what pace.

More positively, Wednesdays are when you have caught up from the previous weekend and preparing for the next. In theory, this day is productive because you are on top of things and making plans to complete tasks before another two day absence. Perhaps you are feeling in control right now and you have a balance to your life. You are pleased with what you have achieved and are prepared for what is to come. You have planned ahead sufficiently to be able to take some well-earned time off.   

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