If you dreamed of whisky in a bottle, then you are generally careful with the people and things in your life. You always protect what is dear to you and devote your energy and watchfulness to them.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

On the flip-side, it’s possible you need to pay closer attention to something or someone in your waking hours if you have been neglectful of them or it lately.

If you were drinking whisky alone, then you may have sacrificed your friendships for the sake of a selfish act and your inflated ego. Is it time to make amends and apologise if there is any room to do so?

Drinking whisky can also indicate a lack of self-confidence- are you are relying on other things and people to give you a boost? This might help to fool people temporarily but it’s probably not sustainable.  

On the other hand, you may by trying to escape from your responsibilities. Perhaps you are putting in a lot of effort to pretend that a situation isn’t as serious or important as it actually is. You may not want to talk about something as a means of dealing with it- you might believe there are others ways to handle it.

You might be trying to accept a situation that is far beyond your control- you are trying to relax while there is chaos going on around you because you feel that’s all you can do to cope.

If others were drinking whisky in your dream, then you may be due or expecting a big celebration in the near future. Or do you need to initiate a get together?

If you were drunk on whisky, this could act as a reminder that you spend a lot of time and money on things that bring you short term pleasure, but afterwards you often feel exhausted and overwhelmed by your actions and choices. Is it all worth it?

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