To dream about a woman represents feminine aspects of yourself- if you are a man dreaming about being a woman perhaps you feel you need to adopt some of these qualities.

We find out what it means to dream about a woman

We find out what it means to dream about a woman

Women are commonly associated with traits such as giving, nurturing and sensitivity. These may be traits you crave and are striving to achieve. If the woman was unknown to you then these could be aspects of yourself that you have never experienced or explored before and are still new to you.

Consider what the woman was like in your dream- if she was strong and confident- your perceptions of the women in your waking life may be positive. With that said, of the woman in your dream was weak and desperate- this could be a direct reflection of how you feel about women as a whole or just yourself.

If you saw an old woman in your dreams this is linked to your experience- perhaps you can pass on your wisdom to other women if you feel you have lived a life worth sharing.

Or perhaps a woman in your waking life is making a poor judgment in your opinion and you want to help her see this.

An old woman could reflect your feelings about getting old. Is this something your fear?

If the woman was blind- the dream is telling you to follow your gut instincts. You may not be able to see exactly what is happening, but you will sense it all the same.

If you were attracted to the woman in your dream it’s possible you feel you deserve a pleasurable experience. More simply- you may have sexual urges towards the woman if you know her.

Also consider the things the woman embodied in you dream as you may just wish to take a leaf from her book.

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