The colour yellow can have both good and bad associations when it appears in a dreamscape.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the dream felt positive- it can be an indicator of your energy. Perhaps you are feeling invigorated at the moment and the dream is telling you to enjoy it while it lasts as you won’t always feel so energised. It’s possible you need to keep up with something you’ve started that has given you this boost- a new eating regime, exercise or relationship for instance.

Yellow is also a sign of happiness- so you may be feeling happy for the first time in a while or perhaps you crave some happiness in your life if you see others around you enjoying life so effortlessly.

Wisdom is another feeling associated with the colour. It’s possible you have secured some new knowledge that is making you feel empowered. On the flipside, you may yearn to learn more about something or someone. If so- what is stopping you?

If the dream had a negative vibe- it could represent a whole manner of things- disgrace, betrayal, cowardice, and even sickness. Think over recent events- has someone gone behind your back or embarrassed you in front of others? Have you backed out of something that you now regret, or have you felt unwell?

Perhaps you struggle to make decisions, and this is affecting your life in a big way. Is it time that you paved a path for yourself rather than just settling for what’s on offer?

Are you someone who likes to please others? If so you might be neglecting your own needs in the process. Perhaps it’s time to put yourself first for once.

If you were in a yellow room in your dream you may need to use your mind more. Something is causing you to feel mentally stimulated so go with it and see where it takes you.

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