Dreaming of being lost is often a representation of trying to find a way through a situation in your waking life. This event might well be familiar to you but is making you feel insecure if you don't know this time how to navigate your way out of it.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you are going through something new or repeating history- you may be scared or unsettled right now in your home or professional life. You might know the pattern of events and are aware of the inevitable outcome or worse- you don't know where it will lead.

You might not know what to do next or where to turn and have a niggling worry that the problem might never escape you.

You may also fear losing something that is secure in your world- a routine, a relationship or an activity you enjoy.

You could be feeling lost without a certain someone in your life. If you have suffered a loss and are still grieving for them- then you may still be trying to figure out how to live without them. Or if someone close to you is emotionally inaccessible, then this sense of momentary loss could still be affecting you in the same way.

More specifically, when you are lost and trying to find home, you may be seeking some kind of normalcy in your life. You might feel frustrated that you can't establish a routine with something or someone. You know that reconnecting with this person or thing will bring you happiness so you crave it both consciously and unconsciously.

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Perhaps you think you are missing something deep inside or in your life right now. Think about what you feel you lack and consider the things you can put in place to feel more fulfilled again. It could be an aspect of your personality that you are refusing to focus on or accept. Consider the person who was missing- it’s possible you feel there is something absent between you and them in your waking life. If you feel it's difficult to communicate or understand this person sometimes or vice versa, this could be why they were gone in your dream. You may be pining for this person or feel that they are gone from your life...

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