Ducks can represent joyful times as they have associations with being young. Perhaps you are feeling content right now and are embracing your inner child, or do you need to resort to simple pleasures again to find some happiness?

mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Flying or swimming ducks in a dream represent your spiritual freedom, so of the duck was unable to fly, perhaps you feel constrained right now in your home life or at work and can't escape. On the other hand, if the duck was flying or swimming, it's likely you are a flexible and adaptable person, something you have proved of late. 

Ducks can generally walk, swim and fly, but if the duck in your dream couldn't really do any of these things then you might see a lack of flexibility or inability to adapt in an area of your life currently. Is someone pushing you into something you're not ready for or don't want to do?

If you were trying to help an injured duck this could represent those who are trying to push you to do more- perhaps your own significant other or parent? You might have people who believe in you and want you to move on and you think you're not in the right place to or simply don't want to.

If the duck was incapable of moving in your dream- it could be symbolic of your reluctance to change or the feeling that you have limited options even with the aid of others.

If you were trying to help an injured duck but others were stopping you, it could be an indication that you want to help yourself but other people are putting barriers in your way. Perhaps a management figure? A family member or partner?

The dream could also be a pun for ducking out of something. Are you avoiding something in your waking life that you should really be tackling head on?

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