This dream all depends on how you felt about being able to fly. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you were flying easily and enjoying yourself then it could mean you are finally on top of something- a workload or situation that has been a burden on you for a while.

It can also be interpreted as you having risen above something- perhaps you haven't got involved in a situation at work or at home and let others deal with it while you simply looked on. Or maybe someone has tried to get a reaction out of you and it hasn't worked.

You might have a new perspective on a situation or your world in general. Perhaps you feel like you're more in control of your waking life now and are able to take an eagle eyed view on things rather than getting bogged down with the details.

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If you were struggling while you were flying or hated the sensation, then you might be experiencing some difficulties at home or at work. You may see your life as having a lot of obstacles in it at present caused by someone or something you perceive to be getting in your way. It may be worth identifying who or what is hindering your progress and see if you can find a way to navigate around them/it.

It could be a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you lack confidence in your own abilities, it's possible that this is the thing holding you back.

If you were afraid in your dream, then this might be a reflection of a fear you have now. What can you do to overcome this? 

Of course, you can't fly in real life, but dreaming about being able to do so may be a sign of your determination and invincibility you see in yourself. You might be a goal driven person who doesn't let anything or anyone stand in their way.

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If you were mowing a football field, you may yearn for a fresh start in an area of your life you feel competitive over- your career perhaps. On the flip-side- perhaps you need to be less competitive and zealous about something if you have taken things to the excess. Another thought when you are playing football in your dreamscape is that you are channelling your aggression into something that is socially acceptable. Alternatively- do you need to? Perhaps you have been letting your anger out in ways that are not healthy for you or others and you need to find alternative methods to release the tension within...

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