To see food in a dream represents both physical and emotional energy and nourishment.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider the type of food in your dream. Fruit is linked to sensuality, meat refers to your animalistic desires and vegetables are synonymous with health and wellness.

Frozen foods could mean you are being cold towards someone and rigid in your ways.

If the food was plastic, it’s possible you aren’t getting the emotional support you need right now from those you want it from the most. You are dissatisfied with your support network.

If you were eating something specific from a certain country- the meaning is dependent on how you feel about the food in your waking hours. If say, Chinese is your comfort food- the dream could be telling you that you need to seek solace from something or someone closer to home. 

To hoard food in a dream shows you have a fear of being deprived. Perhaps not of food but other things. You lack trust in what you have and feel you must overcompensate.

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If you were eating stale food in your dreamscape, it’s possible you are feeling sluggish and zapped of energy right now. You’re not giving your body or your mind what it needs to function properly.

To see mould on food could mean that you are easily affected by the negative energy around you.

Bad tasting food suggests that you have some sourness or resentment towards someone at present. Is it worth it or can you forget and forgive?

Burned food indicates some extreme emotion you are feeling right now. How can you dilute this down and deal with it bit by bit?

On the other hand- singed food could reflect feelings of being burnt out- you have run out of energy and are feeling tired. It might be time to seek out a holiday for some well needed rest and relaxation.

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