Dreaming about a museum usually means you need to look to your past in order to find answers to something in your present. If you were with your family, friends or partner, chances are it might have something to do with them, so consider who was present in the dream with you.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

A museum is generally thought to represent a place where memories are stored and can therefore be synonymous with your subconscious. You may only look at these memories in order to help you make better sense of how you are reacting to something now.

What happened in your past has bestowed you with information so perhaps it's time to access that knowledge in order to make things easier in your life right now. Or maybe you need to put your education to good use if you haven't pursued something you studied hard for at school, college or university. 

The different scenes in a museum can be related to the varying stages of your life. You might need to reflect on all of these to have a better understanding or yourself, your predicaments and your interactions with those closest to you.

A museum can also be an indication that you or someone else in your circle has old-fashioned thoughts. Could this be the source of your discontent with your family, your relationship or your friendship circle?

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