One interpretation of dreaming about a zoo is a perceived lack of freedom in your life right now. Perhaps you feel constrained at work or at home and can't see a way out.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

It can also mean that your strengths are going unnoticed and people in your professional life or at home are taking you for granted and not realising your true potential.

Seeing a zoo in your dream can also represent a sense of disorganisation in your world. You may need to look at the most chaotic parts of your life and figure out ways to make them more ordered.

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Another viewpoint is that you may need to allow more time to embrace your natural desires and instincts- perhaps you are neglecting your basic needs and wants and it's time to nurture them again.

You may have felt obliged to accept the views of other people in your life lately that you perhaps don't agree with yourself. Or maybe you have had to bite your tongue when someone said something that you are against but didn't want to rock the boat.

Maybe you feel that at work or at home that you are out of your comfort zone or natural environment, like your life is on display or being judged by others at face value. Has someone made a wrong assumption about you lately without really knowing you too well? Alternatively, do you feel like your job or your relationship is an awkward fit for you?

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