Babies are very symbolic in dreams, and they can mean a lot of different things. If you are pregnant, then the meaning is quite obvious.



But the fact of the matter is that it's far more common for both men and women who are not expecting to dream of babies than it is for expecting mothers to dream of infants.

In analysing the meaning of a baby's appearance in a dream the obvious starting point is to suggest that the infant represents the start of something new.

It might be a business venture or a new relationship, but it is something new in your life that is both exciting and unknown. It could be something that you know about or alternatively it could be a subconscious expression or desire for that new something.

Care for others

Another way to interpret the appearance of a baby in your dreams is to suggest that it symbolises taking care of somebody or something.

A new-born is completely helpless and unable to care for itself and as a result, if you see yourself nurturing or holding a baby in your dream it could suggest a need to take care of others.

It is interesting that the gender of the baby that appears in the dream can also be very significant. If the baby is of the same gender as the dreamer, it can represent the so-called inner child, a concept from analytical psychology.

According to, it could speak to a need or desire to take care of yourself, of inner development or even a rebirth.

Masculinity meets femininity

If it is a man dreaming about holding a baby girl, it can speak to getting in touch with your feminine side. An awakening of sorts, and something that is a reality for many men who have often grown-up alienated from this part of the make-up.

Conversely a woman dreaming about a baby boy symbolises a person who is ready to embrace and nurture their more masculine traits. Typically, this would be a female who is starting to get comfortable with behaviours like independence and assertiveness - things that are traditionally more associated with men than women.

Perhaps you are a woman who has recently been thrust into a leadership position or who has had to act particularly courageously.